Cut the Bull

I grew up around cattle. I chased them back into pastures on horseback, on four-wheelers, and running through slick mud in Roper boots, aka “sh*t-kickers.” Calves are my all-time favorite baby animals with their big, wet noses, long, wobbly legs, and huge, gorgeous, shiny eyes. 

I also grew up in the enchanted forests of the Pacific Northwest.The forest trees were my comfort and safety; standing guard over me while I hunted for bugs, rocks, fairies and gnomes in the soft, pine-needled soil of their understory.

Agriculture and forests have long been at war; opposing agendas of food and air. Agriculture is the largest contributor to deforestation. How can we restore the balance so these two beautiful worlds can co-exists? Can we take an honest look at the impact and necessity of each? How much red meat do we really need? How many more trees do we need to cut down? Who are the people profiting off of these industries? It’s time to cut the bull and figure it out. 

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